Founded to acquire
one great company.

Peak Tide is managed by Megan McGee, an entrepreneur who is supported by private investors and mentors to acquiremanage, and scale a great existing business as her long-term career. Megan is a people-first leader seeking a business that makes true impact. Learn more here, or speak with Megan directly. 

Finding a great business
starts with great people.

Megan McGee and her investors are real people and entrepreneurs who dedicated their lives to building companies. Our experience leads us to believe that people are the most important aspect of any organization. We are committed to getting to know you, your team, and your customers to ensure all are in good hands. To carry out a successful transition, our mission includes three components:

Investment Focus 01
Acquire one great business

Experience around my dad's business, working alongside CEOs, founding several startups, and getting to know business owners every day leads me to seek a company with the following characteristics:

  • An A+ team

  • Profitable for 3+ years

  • EBITDA > $1.5M

  • Margins >15%

  • Repeat revenue >50%

  • Based in Virginia, Florida, or remote

  • Serious about selling in the next 3-6 months

Acquisition Outlook 02
Smooth transition through trusting partnership

As the daughter of a small business owner, I am familiar with what it means to hand over the company you built. This is why I have three priorities:

  • Develop a trusting seller/ buyer relationship to understand your goals and your business

  • Agree on a reasonable purchase price and terms that align incentives and help you realize your exit plan. The acquisition will be financed by my investors, who you can meet on my Team page

  • Work together to ensure a smooth transition into the CEO role to take care of your customers and employees and ensure long-term success

Long-Term Plan 03
Optimize the company for long-term growth

My intention is to build upon the foundation you've built. I'd love to hear your vision and input. A few ideas I have are:

  • Operational streamlining: enhancing operations through digitalization and professionalization to position the company as a key player in today's modern landscape

  • Business development: utilizing investor dollars to optimize marketing and sales efforts to acquire new customers and drive growth

  • Talent management: investing in your people by finding ways to make their careers more fulfilling, then continuing to build an A team through hiring, development, and incentives

A successful seller/buyer partnership
starts with transparency and trust.

Megan is committed to creating an enjoyable sale experience that will allow us to best understand your company while ensuring privacy and fairness. The acquisition process follows a four-stage timeline:


~1 day
  • Discuss if your company fits my investment criteria via email

  • 30 minute introductory call to get to know each other and your business at a high level

  • I send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to give you confidence that everything we discuss remains confidential


~1 week
  • Share files that help us learn more about your business (service agreements, pricing, customer base, and financials)

  • Brainstorm ideas for long-term growth

  • Discuss the role that you want to play post-acquisition

  • Sign an Indication Of Interest (IOI) as a non-binding agreement reflecting high level deal terms and valuation range


~1 month
  • Dive deep into everything about your business, from financial performance, team structure, customer contracts, growth opportunities, and risks

  • Revisit and adjust valuation and deal structure according to findings and opportunities

  • Sign a Letter Of Intent (LOI) as a formal non-binding offer including a purchase price and specific deal terms


1-2 months
  • Complete final steps with our lawyers and accountants to confirm everything learned in diligence

  • Review exact terms and reach agreements on all points

  • Work together to ensure a smooth transition to protect stakeholders and create a foundation for long-term success

  • Sign final legal documentation and celebrate!